So Smooshy!  So Mushy!

Check out the newest squishy craze!

Button Play

Always stuck in sticky situations, the mischievous pets need their Besties to pull them out.  So sweet and fun, so come and squish with us!

Smooshy Mushy Series 1

Collect all 8 Series 1 original Smooshies and 13 Besties.  Be on the look out for the super rare Samira Smore bestie!

Smoosh Me

Smooshy Mushy Bentos

The Bentos are some of the smooshiest and mushiest characters around. Be on the lookout for all three.

Smoosh Me

Frozen Delights

Cool, collectable and ultra-cute. Collect all 4 of the Frozen Delights smooshies & their Besties like Udelle Unicorn & DeLana Banana!

Smoosh Me

Start Your Collection

So many surprises!  Start your collection today!


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